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By Weathercraft**

I purchased this for my daughter’s nursery and am very pleased with the results, especially for the price. My only concern is with the dryness in my house from having the heat on the decals lift a little and I have to push them back down to ensure they stay. I will say , I have had similar issues with wall stickers in general so I don’t think it’s a problem specific to this producer.

By Lilien88**

Bought this to add for galactic decorations this year. I love it, fast shipping and it looks great!! Good in the day too! Can't wait to put it up next month!! Stuck on the ceiling and wonderful decoration.

By Clausie**

It was cool but consider removing the white outlines and holes had to cut them out so the white wouldn't be there on my dark purple wall.Its very good quality very easy to put up.

By CBSNg**

Beautiful stickers! They're a bit less bright in color than on the screen, more richly toned, which I'm pleased with. They're also smaller than they might seem, so I got multiple packs. Many are made up to form one entire mural.

By clmgymna**

Love this! We put it on our front door so it looks really cool at night and it has stayed up really wel, I'm not afraid of it coming off! Awesome product, hoping they have Santa clause ones or more for different holidays! Will definitely be saving this to hang up next year as wel!

By clmgymna**

Good deal and look nice on the wall. Nice that they already have wall mount brackets attached, however the brackets aren't the best quality and aren't 100% in the middle, so needed to fiddle with them a bit to get the paintings to rest level. Well worth the little struggle putting them up for the price.

By Simon**

It looks amazing in the office from work. Just forgot to take a picture of it. I love how it comes in pieces so You can build the garden however you want. Wanna buy another theme mural to decorate my son's room.

By ScottJTurn**

We could not believe how big it is! My kids and I love it!!! It is super easy to install and just as described! Easy to remove and restick with no problem! The kids are having a blast with this! Fun for the entire family.

By MolluZo**

It is worth the price compare to other manufacturers. The vinyl is very durable. We love the bright and matte finish. The package was undamaged. easy to install. Installation takes two people and a lot of patients. Come up with a plan where to start.

By EliseSo**

It arrived packaged nice, it was rolled up in plastic wrap, it was actually wrapped so good it took me a few minutes to figure out how to get into the sticker. The pieces came off easy, it reminds me of the stickers that goes on windows, that is how easy they come off and how they are made, the only difference is the backs of these pieces are sticky.

By mellychi**

Very bright! Little pixelated but good for the price imo. Couple panels didn't align seamlessly but I don't think it's noticeable. I didn't use the sticker backing but hung them up w/adhesives so I can't say how good the backing is.

By flipp**

My girls love it, can't wait to hang it next week for Spring. You can cut the pieces out and arrange him any way you want. It will be a great add to our garden fun.It came nicely rolled up.

By KuKuh**

Awesome background. Note that each piece overlaps in scenenery by about one inch making it easy to match up the next Panel. Each panel is labeled and comes off with fairly good ease.Highly recommend!

By RebeccaSib**

It is a nice addition to all of our other decorations and I really like how it does not take long to put together and that it is a simple decoration but totally cool.Awesome decoration and excited for it.

By donatel**

It is nice and colorful. It worked for our class.Looks great and easy to put up.Students all love it, matching with the themed garden. Unique design and perfect image like that online. Easy to install.

By SavvyGuy24LoveSsho**

This was a great buy. It took 2 people to put it up but it was fairly easy. There is about a half inch overlap in the sections, making fitting easy.The adhesive was great and I am generally quite happy with the product.

By farrism**

This art is so great. It helps to escape to another place after a rough day at work. It even feels refreshing.Exactly as depicted, very pretty.One of the best focal pieces in my home.

By Brauchma**

This decal is vivid. I was surprised, but the kids absolutely love it. It is even easy to reapply to the wall. The kids have fun moving it around, they are now really excited. Every night they wait for it to start to glow in the dark. Our neighbors have even commented on how great it looks.

By tedga**

This sticker is soooo cool! It is very easy to install. It came in rolled up in a box so i had to roll it the other way for a few hours and laid it flat on the ground for a couple of hours more. I then cut the parts out and laid it on the floor. I made sure i put in on the floor.

By Murr**

I was looking for something for my office/classroom to help with noise control. I will have several of these pictures. The staff and students love this one.The pictures were as clear as I imagined them to be.


I really do love it however, the image pictures are deceiving, the actual decals are the same as that in the pics, and this worked out better for me \. I also liked that the decals are all separate so you can arrange them as you like.

By Mirabel**

Bought this wall decal for my daughter's birthday and she absolutely LOVES it! It was kinda hard to put on the wall because of how large it is and all the jagged pieces. Definitely a two person job. Make sure to clean the wall first before putting the decal on to make sure it will stick nicely.

By pierre-nass**

They came covered in plastic. I might not even take off the plastic. They look nice. The quality is as nice as a picture on a screen. But, from a 3 foot distance they look very nice.Highly recommend it!

By Ibczbnzl**

It looks great! It was easy to apply and my son loves it.Works nicely on dry wall. It is pretty difficult to apply as it is all in one large chunk and it will start to stick together as you peel it off, but once you get it up it looks great.

By AngelaCamil**

They fit perfectly on the wall above her bunk bed so when you walk in the room its the first thing you see! It's the hardest theme to shop far on a budget but this helped and it arrived on time undamaged.

By theodo**

Excellent product! Definitely a two person job. We are very happy with the look of the mural on our bedroom wall! Would order another!Exactly what I was expecting.Nice alternative to painting the room.

By JustHe**

It clings well to the wall. I put this on my daughter's bedroom wall and she loves it.Rolls/lifts from wall. Pic is very colorful and looks as described.Totally recommend it and you won't regret it.

By cabinread**

It is an attractive vinyl but much smaller than it appears in every advertised image and the edges do not give it depth or a realistic look. But for the price i cant complain. Thank you for quick delivery and decent product.

By janetsmith**

This stuck really easily to the wall and looks great. It also looks like it will be easy to take off without destroying paint.Daughter loves it! Does take some patience to peel off and adhere to the wall but well worth it.

By MariaTsm**

Elegant floral design! Very easy to apply. I didn't bother with the words because it wasn't part of the look I was going for but everything else went up without a problem. The stems are numbered, the flowers and leaves are fairly easy to figure out. So far sticking well.